Painting & Decorating

GNG Handyman will professionally paint your walls and ceilings: 

As a guide I can paint a small bedroom walls and ceiling with the same colour of the existing walls in approximately 5 hours.

Woodwork Painted

Doors, door frames, window sills, window frames and skirting boards can also be painted with oil or water based paints.

Working time can be varied, for example, if painting with oil based paints, the coats can take up to 6-8 hours to dry so the top coat can only be applied the next day, but water based glosses can be re-coated in 2-3 hours which means woodwork can be both undercoated and top coated the same day.

Roughly per door, both sides plus door frame could take approximately 5 hours, this includes prep work and both undercoat and top coat with water based gloss.

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