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Children's Party Disco Hire Serving Newcastle upon Tyne and Surrounding Areas

G.N.G. Kids is a professional children's mobile

 disco, catering for all young ages and covering

 all of the North East.

G.N.G. Kids is a children's mobile disco with games and prizes and suitable for all children of all ages. My games are tailored so no child is eliminated and all are recognised as winners, thus all winning a treat or prize.


Games include:

Pass The Parcel

The children sit in a circle and I give the present to the birthday child. I start the music and the children pass the parcel around the circle as long as the music continues. When it stops, the child holding the parcel undoes one layer of wrapping (treats are included between each layer as a prize). The final layer will open to reveal the main prize.

Musical Bumps

The children dance around  until the music stops, when they must sit down on the floor as quickly as possible. The last five down on each round receive a consolation treat with no eliminations, the game continues until all the children have won at least one treat.

Musical Statues

Similar to musical bumps, the children dance around while the music plays and must stand still as statues and pull a funny face when the music stops. Five funniest faces are selected in each round to win a treat, again the game continues until all children have won at least one treat. 


  All bookings include prizes supplied by me as well as treats for all that take part.

I carry out the games on the floor with the children armed with a radio microphone and remote for starting and stopping the music.

For any enquiries or to book, simply call me on 07706 1524 69 or complete the form below: